Securing Safe Milk for the New Born

I am at loss of words, when I am faced with this question almost every day through emails – “where can I get A2 milk for my new born baby?”
While it is a daunting task for young parents, the answer is not straight forward. Let me re-iterate the following facts:
1. The commonly available milk is not only “not-A2” but also almost certainly adulterated with chemicals.
2. Because cities are so far from the source of A2 milk – Desi Cows – even brands claiming it to be “A2” – are forced to give either pasteurized (means the nutrients & enzymes are lost, which makes digestion of milk very difficult) or chilled (and pathogenic bacterial growth are high if cold chain is broken even for few minutes).

If one is really seeking pure milk, one must go to the mother. While it seems to be the most difficult thing to do, but it is the ONLY and LOGICAL answer.
In earlier days, elders in the family would walk across to the nearest Gaushala/farm and get fresh milk and vegetables for home. In today’s world of home delivery and comfort – we ignore the basics for our family while wanting the best for them.
Remember a mother has to be nurtured for the baby to be health. Search for milk to feed the baby after he is born is one aspect, but was enough done for mother who carried the baby? Ayurveda recommends feeding her Ghrita and milk during nine months of pregnancy. Mother’s breast milk has decreased and many women face the problem of underfeeding their children because of lack of milk during pregnancy.
Desi cow’s milk is closest substitute to breast milk but the cow should be healthy and happy. The Desi Cow steps up, when infant’s own mother is not able to nourish him adequately. This is the greatest sacrifice and greatest debt as her milk keeps the child alive. Can just ‘paying’ a dollar or two for a litre of Desi Cow’s milk, ever repay this debt?
It is a proven fact that healthy cows which are petted, loved and cared for give healthier milk.
Is it not true for all mothers around? All she wants is seeing her children around, getting fed by them and feeding them! Hence, visiting the Gaushala, being with the cow and ensuring that her own calf is fed first, is a huge obligation, necessity and joy in milk procurement process.

As a solution for procuring milk for infants, we suggest visit(s) to your local Gaushala (ensure they have desi cows, old and non-milking ones also to be truly called a Gaushala) and/or ‘Gaudaan’ to a neighbouring farmer (for whom you can buy a desi cow and mutually raise her) Under theRural-Urban GoConnect Program, Desi Cows for Better India Trust has received farmer requests for desi cows in the following villages in Karnataka – javanahallie, kalamb, kudanahalli, ramakunja, varkod, siddapura, kunigal, aryapu, ugar budruk, yeliyur, jamballi, ramasagara, devanahalli, kotoor, KNhalli, chintarnahalli, nayakanahatty, lakkinkoppa, shivamogga, hosur, doddagatta, javagal, hagar ibommanahalli, kodipalya kengeri, naidupalem, bebadohol, badlapur, yalehalli, borasandra, nalagampalli, bailhongal. In case any village suits you, please let us know we will connect you with the farmer.
Selling milk is completely prohibited while Gaudaan is considered as one of the biggest ‘daan’ as per the ancient Vedas and scriptures! The reasons are clear now – no amount of test strips or quality assurance can vouch for fresh elixer from a healthy, happy desi cow!

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