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Cowpathy has purchased dung, gomutra from more than 68 goshalas in India, and cowdung ash and cowdung coal from 7 goshalas.
We are representing Indian breeds of cows in International market as well with the help of our chemical free, paraben free and sulphate free personal care and health care product range. Cowpathy focuses on maximum use of dung and cow urine, obtained from Indigenous cows in every product. With each use the primary ghavya not only benefits the user with its medicinal properties, but also becomes the cause to support the divine life, when she stops giving milk or becomes old.
Shrimad Vasudev Gaushala
Shrimad Vasudev Gaushala is an initiative taken by Ved Vasudev Pratishthan to promote and preserve the Indian breed cows. Our motive and focus is mainly on non dairy products and how to promote the use of cow dung and Gau mutra
Brand: Vasudev Archana
Ved tattva Ayurveda
TATSAT is evolved from the dreams of a young and energetic ayurvedic doctor Mrs. Dr.Revathy, from Kerala who is an MD Scholar of Rasashastra and bhaishajyakalpana. In this Journey, Dr.Revathy is accompanied by her husband Mr.Ajeesh Puthoor who is an expert in Desi Cow products who owns Swasthyam Gosala in Kerala and works for the conservation of amruth mahal breed cows Of Chikmagalur.
Brand: Tatsat
We are into production of Natural manure where the base raw materials is desi cow dung and cow urine.
Brand: Pancharathna
Bahula Godham, Vapi
Gir is great, but outside Gujarat, it falls more sick and misses her home. So our Gaushala was set up near Gujarat by the Cow Minister of ISKCON, Shri Damodar Dulal. It has been blessed by many Sanyasis for the ethical practices followed there - including male calf conservation for life, natural breeding and feeding calves half the milk and only taking half the milk for making Ghrta. Ghrta is India's first Ahimsak, Ayurvedic and A2 ghee. Ayurvedic because following the traditional bilona method makes it much higher in nutrient value including DHA or Omega3 fatty acid which is a major component of retinal and brain tissues and remains important in prevention of various diseases.
Brand - Ghrta