Shivali miglani

"Cow Needs To Be Decoupled From Politics."

“Let Politicians promise safe food, clean water and air instead.

Basis of all these is the Desi Cow.”


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Civilisational Problems (& Solutions!)


Much of the carbon dioxide that burdens the atmosphere is not the result of fuel emissions, but from agriculture. Cow based farming and grazing is the solution. Click above link to know How Cow Can Save Us


Dysbiosis of gut microbiota is the key factor affecting human health reducing immunity and exacerbating pathologic conditions, including cancer. Read How Cow Can Save Us Through Panchgavya


When reared for soil, cows can save the planet but when used for beef, cows can destroy the planet. Read How Beef is Destroying the planet


It takes 15,415 litres of water to produce 1 kg beef whereas the flood-irrigated rice takes only 800 litres! On the other hand, green water that is stored in soil can be enhanced with cow manure!


Problems of costly seeds, soil-destroying, life-threatening chemical fertilizers and pesticides along with farmer suicides and mounting subsidies can be solved with desi cow at the heart of Zero Budget Natural Farming.


While modern man takes pride in the technological developments, has he developed even one tool to clean the environment here and now? Vedas prescribe Agnihotra with desi cow’s ghee to keep atmosphere healthy and pollution free.


I’m Shivali Miglani. Cownomics offers sustainable prosperity for the world more than what I learnt from my degree at London School of Economics.

Desi Cows for Better India Trust projects includes 1st ever Cow-Library in Hyderabad, setting up Cow-Bins across India, strengthening Rural-Urban GoConnect, Influencer Academy for young environmentalists etc.

Conserving Desi Cows is the responsibility of Mankind. Lets be healthy wealthy and wise again with Desi Cows.