Soil Rejuvenation Program

Temple Panchgavya
Panchgavya is mentioned in our scriptures as one of the most healing compounds. The 'abhishekams' that are considered wasteful (by some) hold the potential to save our planet. It is time to wake up the stone Nandi to convert temple offerings into treasure, for soil health and biodiversity. Temple Panchgavya Project can save the problem of Climate Change and Health Crisis by healing the soil. Let us act now.
Are you a Gaushala which rears desi cows native to your location? And would like to become financially more stable by use of gobar based farm inputs?
Sign Up for GAUSHALA UPGRADATION by Team GoKrisi led by Shivali Miglani & get training on manufacturing of standardized farm inputs, re-branding of your Gaushala, marketing help & get the status of 'Centre of Environmental & Bio-Diversity Conservation' which can help you with CSR funding as well.
This is the future.
Goshala Posters - Available Here For Download
Please feel free to download open source Gaushala Posters as a give away from Desi Cows For Better India.
Write to us to know how to best utilise them and for further handholding.