Food is Medicine – When Grown Right!

Good nutrition and what you put into your body is the foundation for good health. “Food is Medicine” is a term which was originally coined by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine; it was his belief that eating wholesomefood is the basis for good health. But food is medicine, only when it is grown right. Let us understand the difference between 3 types of farming.

1. CONVENTIONAL FARMING – also known as industrial agriculture, refers to farming systems which include the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other continual inputs, genetically modified organisms, heavy irrigation, intensive tillage etc. Research by Newcastle University found that conventionally-produced crops contained 18-69% less antioxidants, were four times as likely to contain pesticide residues, and had, on average 48% higher concentrations of heavy metals (including cadmium) than organically-produced crops

2. ORGANIC FARMING – Organic farming is a method of crop production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones. However, synthetic substances that are allowed include, for example, copper sulfate, elemental sulfur and Ivermectin and naturally occurring pesticides such as pyrethrin and rotenone are permitted. The useful bacteria are cultured and also allowed to be used. Many of these bio-fertilisers are produced in factories, leading to higher cost of production for farmers.

3. SPIRITUAL FARMING – This technique of farming does not rely on any external factor for agriculture except indigenous cattle. One Desi Cows dung and urine is used to prepare manure, pesticide which is sufficient for 20 acres of land! Over 30 lakh farmers have adopted this model of zero-bugdet natural farming, as popularised by Padmashree Subhash Palekar. This method of farming, not only makes the farmer self-suffcient but also the produce is much more rich in nutrients than conventional or organic farming.

It places emphasis on techniques such as crop rotation, companion planting and natural pest control. Natural Farming makes all inputs from natural materials, observes the law of the Nature and respects the rights of crops and livestock. The best form of farming, needless to say is desi cow-based natural or spiritual farming. To grow your vegetables at home, get started with soil, compost and ghanjeevamrit. Add some diluted Panchgavya manure for added micronutrients. Start growing!

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