Get Calcium from Millets – not Milk!

Milk is rich in calcium , which is needed for healthy bones – is a cliché. But the fact is that pasturized milk, actually harms the bones! Our body can only absorb 30% of the calcium in cow’s milk. Further, it is not easy for us to digest the A1 protein found in commercial cow’s milk. This leads to an acidic environment in the body which results in further depletion of calcium from our bones. With adulteration, anti-biotics and hormones common in commercially available milk, the dairy industry is touching new low in standards. 68% of the milk in India is found adulterated in a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) study. What is the alternative to commercial milk? Vegan milk is best obtained from millets (to a limited extent nuts) particularly from Ragi or Finger millet. Plant-based sources provides an easily absorb-able source of calcium. Here is a comparison of calcium:

How to make Ragi milk? Soak 1 cup of Ragi overnight, grind it and seive it to obtain milk – it is really that simple. Alternatively for a thicker ragi payasan, you can let the ragi sprout. Grind this sprouted ragi, sun dry it and store in glass containers. When required mix with water and some brown/palm sugar and enjoy.

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