Vanishing Breeds

Desi Cow Almost Extinct​.

“As the gene pool of the indigenous Indian cow is allowed to fade away, if some epidemic triggers a population slide in our cattle — already made vulnerable by its high percentage of exotic strains — there will be no scope for corrective intervention.


Inviting Entries For This Crowdsourced Document​

Are you a journalist, photographer, researcher, environmentalist or a cow lover with interest in finding about the ground situation of your local cattle breed?
Here is an opportunity to travel with a purpose and contribute massively for the cause.

Follow these guidelines for submitting your entry:

– Your location and native breeding tract of your desi cow breed should be in range

– Assessment of number of pure breed cows & bulls – census v/s ground reality

– Problems faced in the conservation of the breed as assessed from the rearers

– Government support, if any including breeding farms

– Private breeders or Gaushalas conserving the breed 

– Photographs of the breed and your photograph with the breed 


Organisations Working For Conservation Of Vanishing Local Breeds

Please connect with the nearest conservation centre.

Breed Conservation
Kasargod, Vechur & unregistered breeds of Kerala
Organisation & POC
Kasargod Conservation Society ​

Mr. P.K. Lal 


Conservation Efforts

The Goushala has 153 cows belonging to Kasargod Dwarf, Vechur Kapila, Malanadu Gidda, Vadakara, Cheruvally, Kuttampuzha.

We’re facing extinction of Kerala local Cattle population due to extensive cross breeding and slaughter.

We keep bulls for all groups separately for preventing from cross breeding in between the groups.


We regularly adopt bulls from farmers and distribute a bull and cow to Organic farming community, free of cost in our district. This “Community Conservation Program” has benefitted 150 farmers so far.


Kapila Goushala, Ambalathara Pullur (PO)


Kasargod District-KERALA



Kapila Goushala

A/c No.: 68660100002603


Bank of Baroda

Kottappara Branch


Breed Conservation
Krishna Valley
Organisation & POC
Krishna Valley Foundation

Mr. Nikhil Jadhav

Conservation Efforts

Our organisation is working towards conservation & proliferation of near extinct breed of cow, known as, Krishna Valley. Although during its golden period, the breeding tract of this cow was spread across adjoining districts of Karnataka & Maharastra, it has almost been wiped out from Maharashtra. Members of our organisation, with the help from local AI technicians did an extensive field work to identify graded KV animals and educate owners to inseminate the cows with only KV bull semen & maintain the future progeny. Starting with only two heifers in 2018, our organisation has managed to conserve 7 cows & a male calf of Krishna Valley breed. Although not of 100% purity, efforts of the organisation has to improve the grading in subsequent generation of these cows & heifers.


A/P Khatav, Tal. Miraj, District Sangli, Maharashtra
Google Maps Link:-
QWR5+49G, Khatav, Maharashtra 416401


Krishna Valley Cow Foundation
A/c # :- 188501001050

IFSC ICIC0001885


Breed Conservation
Red Sindhi
Organisation & POC
Zebu Breeding & Conservation LLP
Rohit Khandelwal
Mobile: +91 9838661444
Conservation Efforts
We are rearing indigenous cattle breed “Red Sindhi” by creating elite gene pool and improving them by using Embryo Transfer Technology & Sexed Semen to produce 
high genetic merit embryos and calves. All our Red Sindhi animals are above MSP, recorded, properly & timely vaccinated 
and registered with INAPH. We have the most elite herd (3000kg to 3750kg as best lactation yield) of “Red Sindhi” in entire country outside government farms.
310, Shankar Dayal Road,
Chowk, Pratapgarh – 230001
Uttar Pradesh

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