The Foundation of ISRO, on back of a bullock

35 years ago, satellite called “Apple” became a major milestone in India’s space programme. It was used for several communication experiments, including relay of television programmes and radio networking. Incidentally, this satellite was transported on a bullock cart, captured for posterity in an unforgettable photograph.

While there were other satellites before Apple but it was Apple that laid the foundation for indigenous development of operational communication satellites which grew into a very large constellation of satellites in INSAT and GSAT series that spurred the country’s technological and economic growth. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has become one of the first picks for countries looking to launch satellites. The major reason still remains the reasonable cost of launch and accuracy. In India, while we crib for “not having enough” – many times its the scarcity of resources, that make us work hard and achieve higher goals. It is just like going to a fancy restaurant and enjoying the luxury ingredients used in the preparation of a dish versus the humble meal from mothers of India, who know how to optimize resources and yet churn out balanced and lip-smacking meal from the kitchen. As the Indian space team, makes its mark in weather satellites, launching 20 satellites together or its mission to Mars with precision – let us not forget great foundations are built in most humble backgrounds.

Congratulations to ISRO for staying so rooted and aiming for the stars.

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