3 Ways to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic

Who would have thought that almost 7 out of 10 Indians will be deficient in Vitamin D? But numbers do not lie. The tropical country, where sun is shining almost 7-9 months in the year vast majority of population is suffering from lack of Vitamin D! The sunshine vitamin, is vital for bones, heart, brain, immune function and much more. An India Today reports suggests that Vitamin D deficiency is leading to a host of debilitating problems – osteoporosis and rickets, apart from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, infections such as tuberculosis and even depression. In extreme cases, the bones become like butter.

Here are 3 simple ways you can get your sunshine vitamin back. Of course it requires a regular and disciplined effort for few months:1. SURYA NAMASKAR – While most people do Yoga at all times in the day, this holistic asana has to be done soon after sunrise for maximum benefit. It not only regularizes your waking up pattern but as you do it outside it also lets you get the best from the sun without tanning yourself.

2. GRASS-FED DESI COW MILK & GHEE ONLY – Calcium absorption is greatly reduced due to vitamin D deficiency so all the calcium rich foods you consume actually go waste. Desi Cow milk, butter milk and ghee are however is different. CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid enhances the vitamin D-mediated process of calcium transport. CLA is found to be the highest in naturally grazing Desi Cow’s products. Also because of the “Surya Ketu Naadi” or hump, seen in the back of indigenous cattle, her milk is slightly yellow in color due to the absorption of sun rays.

3. AVOID USING CHEMICAL SOAPS & SUNSCREENS – This is one of the biggest reasons for the Vitamin D epidemic. Vitamin D is manufactured on the surface of the skin when sun’s ultraviolet rays come in contact. This production does not even start due to sunscreens with SPF as low as 8. Even if Vitamin D starts to get synthesized, we wash it off from the surface by using harsh chemical based soaps. Alternative – use home-made ubtan or natural soaps which do not hamper the process of vitamin D production. A great alternative to sunscreen is fresh aloe vera – it keeps skin moisturized and protects from tan and sun-burns. You can find natural aloe mist to spray on before you leave home. You can find chemical-free natural and cow-based alternatives here.

Do not have access to Desi Cow milk? Adopt a Desi Cow for a farmer near you and get started on a marvelous journey of better health and environment conservation!

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