This Software Engineer Travels 700km Every Weekend To Be A Farmer

Mahesh works in Cognizant Technology Solutions, Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore as a senior software engineer. While his colleagues spend a lazy weekend at home or look for a getaway – Mahesh is on a mission, which makes him travel 700km all the way to the northern district of Gulbarga or Kalaburagi in Karnataka.

MOTTO His motto is – “Visha Mukta Mannu, Visha Mukta Aahar, Visha Mukta Jagattu” that means chemical or poison-free soil, poison-free food and poison-free world. It all starts with the soil and he is here to prove it. Not just to himself but also to farmers from his home town. He has grown Toor Dal in 40 acres of land towards his mission.

CHALLENGES His determination to not put any chemicals in his land, was not less challenging. After flowering his beautiful standing crop in 40 acres was attacked by helicoverpa. That is when Mr. Mahesh met us at Desi Cows for Better India. We offered simple, timeless solutions including Gau-based Kheti and Agnihotra. Since he could not make his own manure completely, he bought Panchgavya Manure from other farmers associated with Desi Cows for Better India through

LUCK IS THE BY PRODUCT OF HARD WORKMahesh’s regular travels, carrying the natural agricultural inputs with him and performance of agnihotra yielded miraculous results. He has not only been able to control the pests naturally but also have a good yield of 8 quintals per acre. Mahesh has been awarded for his natural farming by dIstrict agricultural department.

HIS MESSAGE FOR ALL “Change in lifestyle is a must. Desi Cow milk, ghee, millets, unpolished rice, organic fruits and vegetables, cold-pressed oil instead of refined oil, jaggery and rock salt must be adopted to live a healthy life. Cancer has become every household disease because of our own lack of care of self and environment. Even farmers are patients now – where do they have lakhs of rupees to spend in hospitals? We do not have a choice but to promote safer agriculture.” Contact Mahesh on to buy 100% naturally grown toor dal.

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