Preventing Diabetes in Children

Diabetes Epidemiology Research International researched to compare age-standardized incidence rates of diabetes in young children aged between 0-14 years and cows’ milk consumption in various countries. Data about incidence of diabetes, from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Denmark, United States, New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada, France, Israel, and Japan was collected. Also data on fluid cows’ milk consumption in corresponding countries were obtained from the International Dairy Federation.

Result was very surprising but convincing. The correlation between milk consumption and incidence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) was 0.96! This means if the quantum of milk consumption increases, incidence of diabetes follows in tandem. The data fit a linear regression model, and analysis showed that 94% of the geographic variation in incidence might be explained by differences in milk consumption. This results support the hypothesis that cows’ milk may contain a triggering factor for the development of IDDM. Note that these are developed countries where A1 beta-casein present in milk from exotic or HF cows is available. Also supporting evidence comes from biochemistry (structure of A1 beta-casein and cleavage of BCM7), pharmacology (opioid characteristics and binding affinities of BCM7), animal trials (NOD mice and BB rats), immunology (people with Type 1 diabetes have enhanced levels of antibodies to beta-casein and in particular A1 beta-casein), and human studies. Unfortunately in India too, commercially available milk is A1 milk from cross-bred cows which has put public health at high risk. As the number of children who suffer from IDDM is above 1,00,000 in India already, parents should realize that depending on commercial cow’s milk for nutrition is no longer safe. Switch to a healthy & vegan diet, with nut-based milks as alternative unless you can adopt a desi cow for giving love and getting ethical & pure A2 milk in return. For specific guidance on how to build immunity and fight diabetes naturally, write to

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