Ancient Solution for Drought

China is in talks with India to provide cloud-seeding technology to drought-hit Maharashtra to induce rain and train the staff of local meteorological department. China has been able to do it successfully for the last several decades, including during Olympics 2008 with use of chemicals released into the atmosphere.
Could ancient India also have has such solutions? The first clue comes from the Bhagvad Geeta itself, Chapter 3: Karma-yoga Text 14: “annad bhavanti bhutaniparjanyad anna-sambhavahyajnad bhavati parjanyoyajnah karma-samudbhavah”
It means: “All living bodies subsist on food grains, which are produced from rain. Rains are produced by performance of yajña, and yajña is born of prescribed duties.”
What we put into fire, we get the same back in rain. Burning fossil fuel in cars and smoke from chemical industries, gets us what science acknowledges as “acid rain”. If we want therapeutic rain, or rain that heals – we ought to put in something that is pure and that purifies. Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, has recommended Agnihotra to purify the atmosphere in Bangalore. What is Agnihotra?
Agnihotra, is the simplest of the Yagnas that can be performed at sunrise and sunset, with a set of 3 ingredients that cannot be compromised with – Desi Cow’s Dung Cakes, Desi Cow’s Ghee & whole rice in a special copper vessal.

Western countries, the scholars are viewing the process of Yajna as a chemical experiment, performed with certain disciplines. The German scholars and scientists are the first to observe it in this manner. Some of their research is available here.
Our Trust, has been helping and guiding many farmers. One such farmer, was introduced to Agnihotra and he has been practicing Agnihotra in Chitoor, AP ever since. Agnihotra has helped turn his dry land into that with enough water in ground wells. He now grows many fruits and crops without dependence on external source of water and manure.

Research titled, “Purification of ambient air by performing Somyag Yajnya” showed that microbial count can be reduced by 95% and air pollution due to SOx, NOx and microbes can be controlled while purifying the air.
Agnihotra has huge potential to help farmers, who are suffering due to degrading quality of water, air and soil. A study shows that there was significant increase in seed germination and plant growth by use of Agnihotra ash. Plants grown in Agnihotra atmosphere are better able to withstand droughts. It can be seen that Agnihotra is beneficial for environment and agriculture.
For good food, we buy organic. For good air, we install air-purifiers. For good water, we desalinate sea water.
Enough of selfish living! What is it that we can do to benefit society & ourselves with good soil, air and water? The solution lies in ancient ritual of Agnihotra. in the Agnihotra Mantra we say “Idam Na Mama” which means – This is not mine, not for me, it is for welfare of all. Only with such selflessness the world can have a future. And so can we!
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