Panchgavya For Animal Health

Panchgavya is a living elixir of many micro organisms, bacteria, fungi, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, known and unknown growth promoting factors micronutrients trace elements antioxidant and immunity enhancing factors. It is made with 5 gavyas from pure breed of desi cow are fermented with tender coconut water, bananas and jaggery over 21 days to obtain Panchgavya When taken orally by animals, the living micro organisms in the Panchgavya stimulate the immune system and produce lot of antibodies against the ingested microorganisms. It acts like vaccine. This response of the body increases the immunity of animals and humans and thus helps to prevent illness and cures disease. It slows down the aging process and restores youthfulness. The other factors present in Panchgavya improve appetite, digestion and assimilation and elimination of toxins in the body. Constipation is totally cured. Thus the animals become hale and healthy with shining hair and skin. The weight gains are impressive.

Pigs Panchgavya was mixed with drinking water or feed at the rate of 10 ml – 50 ml/pig depending upon the age and weight. The pigs became healthy and disease free. They gained weight at a faster rate. The feed to weight conversion ratio increased tremendously. This helped the piggery owners to reduce the feed cost and to get very good returns due to increased weight. Goats and Sheep The goats and sheep became healthy and gained more weight in a short period after having administered 10 ml to 20 ml Panchgavya per animal per day depending upon the age. Cows By mixing Panchgavya with animal feed and water at the rate of 100 ml per cow per day, cows become healthier with increased milk yield, fat content and SNF. The rate of conception increased. The retained placenta, mastitis and foot and mouth disease became things of the past. Now the skin of the cow is shiny with more hair and looks more beautiful. Instead of spraying urea on paddy straw (hay) before staking, a few farmers sprayed the 3 percent solution of Panchgavya, layer after layer during the staking and allowed it to ferment. The cows preferred such hay compared to unsprayed hay stock. Poultry When mixed with the feed or drinking water at the rate of 1 ml per bird per day, the birds became disease-free and healthy. They laid bigger eggs for longer periods. In broiler chickens the weight gain was impressive and the feed-to-weight conversion ratio improved. Fish Panchgavya was applied daily with fresh cow dung in fish ponds. It increased the growth of algae, weeds and small worms in the pond, thus increasing the food availability to fish. The only precaution is that fresh water must be added to the ponds at frequent intervals. Otherwise, the growth of algae, weeds and other organisms will compete with the fish for available soluble oxygen in water. Alternatively, mechanical agitators can also be used to increase the oxygen content in the water. In ten months time each fish grew to a weight of 2 to 3 kgs. With reduced death rate of small fingerlings and increased weight of marketable fish, the fisheries became more profitable. How To Source Panchgavya Desi Cows for Better India Trust is working with natural farmers and gaushalas who are conserving indigenous breeds of cattle. Panchgavya Manure is prepared as per traditional formulation and available for bulk purchase by calling +91 7676165165 or writing to All profits from sale of panchgavya goes towards sustainability of desi cows, farmers and gaushalas.

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