5 Reasons why Gau Seva is Ultimate Earth Day Celebration!

Celebrating earth day by planting trees or resolving to use less conventional fuel, may be great but it is still short of what Gau Seva can achieve! Gau Seva literally means serving the desi cow and also understanding the true impact of this action. Here are 5 reasons why Go Seva is the ultimate way to celebrate Earth day (and all days of the year!) 1. Feed Desi Cows & Prevent Landfills – Green waste like fruit and vegetable peels etc. are best to be fed to cows while other things should be recycled. In case the two get mixed up – it ends up in cow’s stomach or produces the most dreadful outcomes for our planet.

2. Desi Cow Grazing & Afforestation – Seeds injested by a Desi Cow does not get destroyed. Instead, they get perfectly preserved and reaches the earth with manure to green the earth! Allowing free cow grazing is the best you can do for the planet, as the desi cow will plant more trees for you that you ever can.

3. Desi Cow Cakes & Preventing Deforestation – Every year 5 million tonnes of firewood are saved in India equivalent to Rs.500 Crore thanks to cow dung cakes used in kitchens, homa or cremation.

4. Panchgavya For Manure – Desi Cow’s milk, curd, ghee, or just gobar and gaumutra are enough to green any land and make even barren soil, mines of hidden gold. Food grown in the natural way is healthy for earth and us! Chemical fertilisers and pesticides on the other hand, use precious natural resources, causes green house emissions in manufacturing and also play havoc with soil in the long run.

5. Love & Selfless Getting – Loving and taking care of even one desi cow around us, makes us more humane and she blesses us with priceless gifts as above, which come at minimal environmental costs.

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