PanchGavya as PanchMahabhoota

Ayurveda is based on the principle that the human body is made up of five basic elements or “PanchMahabhoota”, namely, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.Here we identify each of them with the characteristics they bear and how it relates to PanchGavyas.

1. Prithvi Mahabhootha (Earth): represents the solid state of matter on the planet and in living things. It also represents the wholesomeness that comes with soil. But how is our body related to the soil? Earth is made up of elements, micro-nutrients that our body needs on a day to day basis. But what is it that provides nutrients to the soil?

Gomaya or Desi Cow’s Dung is the perfect example of soil. It provides nutrients to the soil, which pass up to the food chain and come to us as food. Hence Prithvi Mahabhootha balance in our body is by consumption of Gomaya through the food we eat!Kapha dosha is caused due to disbalance of Earth and Water Mahabhootas and hence in Panchgavya & Ayurveda, many of the cold, cough, congestion diseases are treated with Gomaya. (Watch this space)

2. Akaasha Mahabhootha (Ether/Space): Qualities of ether include lightness, subtleness and abundance. It includes substances that are light, profuse and ethereal. Intake of such foods, increases softness and lightness in the body, making it more receptive and less prone to diseases.

Desi Cow’s buttermilk is one such food, which owing to its light & ethereal taste, is said to be desired by the Gods themselves. And yet, it is abundant with useful bacteria which help in digestion and in keeping body fit. It is a known fact that buttermilk as a superfood prevents 72 types of diseases. As a curative medicine too, it has proves useful in Chronic Kidney Disease among others.The way of making buttermilk is important and it should be used by people of all 3 doshas by varying the additives. (Watch this space)

3. Vayu Mahabhootha (Air): Qualities include weightlessness, mobility, dryness etc. It represents oxygen in the body or prana which breathes life-force into zillions of cells in the body producing energy. Vayu dosha or disturbance leads to constricted air movements, making the person prone to pains, obesity, dryness of skin and many other diseases. Maximum diseases, as classified by Ayurveda are due to Vata dosha.

Desi Cow’s Gaumutra is referred to as Dhanavantari as it is air-balancing & hence helps overcome maximum number of diseases in the human body. Gaumutra is well known for its vata-kapha regularizing properties. Gaumutra is also a bio-enhancer making other healing herbs added to it, more effective.Gaumutra should be collected from naturally grazing desi (native) cows, as per ritu-kaal. (Watch this space).

4. Tejo Mahabhootha (Fire): It has the power to change state of any substance. In human body fire it is present in the form of Agni that converts food into energy. It creates impulses of nervous reaction, brain functions and hormonal functions. Imbalance of digestive fire or ‘pitta’ dosha is the reason for many diseases.

Pitta controls all the metabolic activities of the body and is responsible for appetite, body temperature, vision, digestion, taste, lustre, intelligence, vigour and supplemess of the body. Desi Cow’s Ghee is the best regulator of Pitta and is representation of the fire element as is balances digestive fire.No wonder Desi Cow’s ghee is regarded the best for Indian cooking, historically and scientifically. In fact, Desi Ghee makes ones mind attentive, increases lifespan and improves fertility. Ghee has an important role to play during pregnancy and for treating insomnia and all mind borne diseases including psychosis. (Watch this space)

5. Jal Mahabhootha (water): Liquidity or fluidity is associated with water and so is the quality of binding. Like water helps soil stick together – so cohesiveness helps in forming different structures in the body as it binds cells together. Hence this element is a great constructive force constituting 75% of our body.

Milk is about 85% water. The remaining 15% is milk, sugar, lactose, protein, fat and mineral. Desi Cow milk is different from milk from imported cows due to a certain protein called A2 beta-casein – which is very useful to human health. A1 beta-casein found in the milk of imported cows has been linked to a number of diseases including abdominal bloating, IBS, autism, heart diseases etc. Milk and other 4 Gavyas from Desi Cows are vital for humans’ well rounded growth and sustenance – in no other living being, you find such divine balance of PanchMahabhootas for the welfare of humanity.In today’s world, getting A2 milk, pure desi cow’s ghee and gaumutra has become next to impossible, the task remains to find a desi cow and bring her home for our well-being and health. Write to my office on for appointments & more on PanchGavya therapy.

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