Ghee As Inheritance

Invest in Ghee worth one gram of gold today and it will become worth 10 grams of gold in 10 years!

The valuation is an indication of the vast medicinal properties which increase with aging. This valuable gift also provides health to your future generations, unlike anything else that you can leave for them.

Ghee based medicines are most potent for mental illness of any type. Old Ghee is very effective in all mind-borne diseases including intoxication, epilepsy, schizophrenia, insanity and autism including commonly found problems in today’s age including tension, sleeplessness and depression. Nasal drops with old Ghee is miraculously useful for the same.

A spastic and lean man when made to undergo massage with ghee shows a drastic change making him mentally balanced and stout. Ghee is best suited for improving intelligence, increasing sexual power, good eyesight, and good voice, those suffering from injury to chest, emaciation, tuberculosis and fever.

Ghrita/Ghee is the best gift a mother can pass on to her daughter during her pregnancy, childbirth and for the newborn.

100 times washed Ghee can be used for external application as an astringent, moisturiser, anti-wrinkle & cleansing cream. It also heals burns, wounds, boils on skin, bruises, insect Bites, cold sores. Gavyasiddha ayurvedic doctors used old ghee to cure patients with psoriasis and even gangrene!

Desi Cow’s Ghee is the single most ojas producing food on earth. Scientific papers prove that ghrita prepared by traditional ayurvedic methods contains higher amount of DHA; Omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is a major component of retinal and brain tissues and remains important in prevention of various diseases.

“Where to buy Desi Cow’s old Ghee?” is like asking where can one buy heritage jewellery of a family. It cannot be bought, it has to be self-made and preserved – only then it talks of the quality and authenticity.

How to prepare Desi Cow’s Ghee, is a forgotten art. In the next blog, we shall try to revive it.

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