Vitamin B12 Deficiency? Check how your food is grown!

Vitamin B12 does a lot of things for your body. It helps make your DNA and your red blood cells, for example. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anemea. If untreated, it may lead to problems such as:

Vitamin B12 is not produced in the body, it has to be received from our diet. Milk, curd etc are good sources of Vitamin B12 but commercial milk is adulterated and not from desi cows. Major reason for increase of Vitamin B12 deficiency is due to the way food is grown – using chemicals fertilizers and pesticides. Cow dung is naturally rich in B12 but unlike the past it is not used enough in farming. A scientific study by Dr. A. Mozafar, Switzerland shows the following: “The addition of cow dung at the rate of 10 g kg−1 increased the B12 content in barley kernels by more than threefold (from 2.6 to 9.1 ng g−1 DW) and in spinach leaves by close to twofold (from 6.9 to 17.8 ng g−1 DW). Long-term addition of organic fertilizers to the soil also significantly increased the soil content of this vitamin.”Soils enriched with organic fertilizer (cow manure) resulted in a several-fold increase in the soil’s B12 content, as compared to soils worked with conventional inorganic or chemical fertilizers. In this video, the “Food Yogi”, solves the vegan dilemma. He explains – “well, it all starts with a load of bull dung or cow dung. You see, B12 is actually made from bacteria that lives in soil and is plentiful wherever farm animals live. Animals like cows eat grass, thus picking up bacteria that then creates B12 vitamin inside their stomachs. B12 is found naturally in manure fertilized soil and synthesized via bacteria which are present in the intestines of animals. In order for humans to acquire an adequate amount of B12 they must either obtain it from animal sources, fortified foods or multi-vitamins. When someone kills a cow this B12 is present in the meat and thus a carnivorous human does not usually have B12 deficiency. If someone takes dairy products they can also get remnants of B12, but a vegan misses out completely, unless they too live around farm animals and play and work in the same soils where the B12 bacteria exists.” Panchgavya, a traditional formulation for agriculture – contains desi cow’s milk, curd, ghee, gomutra and desi cow dung – is the best growth stimulant for plants and source of B12 for person who consumes produce grown with it. Food grown with ghanjeevamrit or jeevamrit ensures good B12 level in the human body. Eating food grown this way is the only means to live healthy. Desi Cows for Better India supports ZBNF farmers who use nothing but desi cows for growing food. Panchgavya, jeevamrit etc manure made from pure desi cows are available in bulk for terrace gardeners and growers.

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