Segregating To Feed The Desi Cow Is Rewarding

Back in the days, India discovered zero – because we were a zero waste economy. Everything we generated, was used and sent back in to the process of re-generation. As we are aping the West, we have now Urban Solid Waste Management as a huge concern and big responsibility. #Composting is being promoted under the Swachh Bharat campaign. There are now expensive machines “which converts any kind of organic waste into compost” and yet, nothing can beat the low cost, high efficiency of the desi cow – which not just composts the wet waste but turns it into microbe-rich manure that can be used to make Jeevamrit. The flag bearer of composting and member, SWMRT in Karnataka – Mrs. Vani Murthy re-iterates that – “In Indian Culture, we begin our day by sharing our fruit & veggie peels with the desi cow – that is segregation & composting taken care of together”

Fresh daily feed for cows, is easy to manage given the proximity to gaushalas or cows themselves roaming on the roads. By doing this: 1. You do not mix your waste and reduce landfills. 2. You do your bit for feeding healthy food to the cows instead of garbage on road. 3. If its a desi cow, you get gobar that can be used in your terrace garden by making #Jeevamrit How can you get started? 1. Adopt a triple bin system which helps you segregate waste into recyclables (like plastics, paper, metal etc), green waste (vegetarian peels for the cows) and other waste 2. Keep a large bowl for the colony/society at a common place on the road, and label it as “FOR COWS ONLY”3. Speak to your neighbors and community members to do the same. You can also encourage the local veggie/fruit sellers to participate.

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