Jallikattu is necessary but not sufficient to save native breeds

Jallikattu alone is not going to save the species. It is shameful that the animal who is supposed to be intrinsic to our heritage and culture has its existence subject to courts and trials. A court order banning the bull-taming sport without appropriate directions on protecting indigenous cattle means their sure death. Hence ban on jallikattu is not justified because it propelled the process of native bulls becoming extinct. But is Jallikattu enough to save native breeds? Without a doubt, no! CHANGING PERCEPTIONS – DUNG IS MAIN PRODUCT. MILK IS BY PRODUCT Native breeds are vital for HEAL or our health, environment, agriculture & lifestyle but we only judge them by the output of milk produced. With such small vision, banning or not banning a sport is not going to save native breeds. HEALTH BEGINS WITH SOIL If the soil is healthy, our food is healthy and we are healthy. Indian soil fertility is reduced by 50% in the last 30 years because of non-application of green manure. Without native cattle manure, the fertilizer companies which put poison in our soil, also make medicines for cancer!

BUY NATURAL FOOD The only way we can stay healthy, is by promoting naturally produced food. Food which is grown by farmers using desi cow manure like panchgavya, jeevamrit and pesticides which are made from gaumutra, not chemicals! STOP USING LEATHER Want to save desi cows? Its important we save their skin first! Dissociate with bags, shoes, wallets, jackets and belts that are made from killing. Leather harms the environment including rivers like Gan

RENEWABLE FUEL & ENERGY Simple cow dung cakes are great source of energy since time immemorial. Replace use of wood with cow dung cakes in crematoriums and fireplaces. Gobar gas is an incredible way for replacing fossil fuels. USE PANCHGAVYA MEDICINES & GAU PRODUCTS Use panchgavya or desi cow based medicines and health supplements which are safe and more effective. Ask your Ayurvedic doctor for Go-ark detox. Desi Cow products like natural gaumutra phenyl, gomaya tooth powder, utensil cleaning powders are chemical free and sustainable.

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