Increase Crop Production by Microbes not GMOs: MIT Study

Adding beneficial microbes to crops could be an effective but less controversial alternative to genetic engineering – according to a new article by MIT Technology Review.

Jeevamrit is the most important component of Natural farming is based on the same principle – to increase Jeev or microbes! As per a paper in Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences, the application of jeevamrit, increased the activity of microbes by solubilization and uptake of nutrients was enhanced. The same has been practically demonstrated by Padma Shree Subhash Palekar – as more than 40 lakh farmers are now growing more crops, with no external inputs, even in harsher conditions.

Natural farming gives a nourishing environment for earthworms – whose castings are scientifically proving to be an ‘extraordinary powerful growth promoters and protectors’ for crops (5-7 times over other bulky organic fertilizers and 20-40 % higher over chemical fertilizers). They are rich in NKP, micronutrients, naturally rich in beneficial soil microbes like ‘nitrogen-fixing’ and ‘phosphate solubilizing’ bacteria, ‘mycorrhizal fungi’, humus and growth hormones – auxins, gibberlins and cytokinins. It has very high ‘porosity’, ‘aeration’, ‘drainage’ and ‘water holding capacity’ and makes the soil soft. Our focus needs to shift from growing crops to growing microbes. Its about creating a positive environment in the soil, rest will follow. It is not without a reason that the desi cow whose every gram dung gives billions of microbes has been considered a farmer’s best friend.

Panchagavya manure made from Desi Cows Dung, Urine, Milk, Curd and Ghee is an important source of antagonistic microbes that needs to be exploited (Indian Phytopathology 61, no. 3: 353-354) particularly for damaged soils. Produced in Gaushala, wheels of natural agriculture including Ghanjeevamrit, Panchgavya Manure, Gaumutra based Bio-pesticides are available for the urban farmer/gardener at

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