How To Get Assistance from State Govt for Gaushala

Are you setting up a new desi cow Gaushala? Or expanding an existing one? Desi Cows for Better India Trust can be reached out for advise and support in making the Gaushala self-sustainable. To register your gaushala and avail our support – please take this survey and write to us on

The following is a scheme under the State Govt of Karnataka to get one-time financial assistance for the same. Here are 10 points to note:

  1. Registration: Either individually, or as a trust or can be affiliated to a registered trust. The gaushala has to complete one year after registration before applying for assistance.
  2. Minimum land of 2 hectors and minimum of 50 animals.
  3. One time basic infrastructure facilities: At Rs 250 per sq.ft, 25% of the total cost will be the subsidy.
  4. Incentive of Rs 10,000 for organic composting unit (one time)
  5. For maintenance of animals: Rs 70/ day /animal, and 25% of the cost as the subsidy from govt.
  6. Rs 10,000 per hector for fodder development & enhancement to a maximum of Rs 20,000 per gaushala.
  7. At Rs 300/animal/ year of Veterinary care cost, 25% of the cost as the subsidy from govt.
  8. All the details to be submitted to Deputy Director, Dept of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, who will get the approval from district SPCA, with DC as Chairman, and then submit it to KLDA for allocation of funds.
  9. All the applications will be scrutinized and sent to govt for approval and sanction.
  10. Application may be submitted in the beginning of the financial year before June-July.

The Application form can be downloaded here. There are similar schemes in other states as well – please contact your Animal Husbandry Department for the same. You can also make it available on this blog for the benefit of many. Like what we do? You can contribute as a volunteer or donate for any of our on-going programs.

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