How Gomaya Ganesha Can Save Lakes

Every year during Ganesh Chaturthi, big and small sized Ganesha are immersed in lakes leaving many environmentalists to question the sustainability of the great festival.

Surely our most beloved Ganesha, would also not be happy to see his plaster of paris idols undissolved and colors causing waters to turn toxic. What is the solution to this? 1. Bring a Small-sized Ganesha home! – As the population has increased so much, each of us should ensure we do not bring large or giant sized Ganesha. The community celebrations can be with big Ganeshas but individuals at home, should do with small size Ganesha to lower the impact of pollution. 2. Use Cow Dung or Gomaya Ganesha – EM or effective micro-organisms are vital in ‘eating up’ bio-degradable material. Recently EM1 solution of lactobacilli, yeast etc. was used to help clean up Bellandur lake under a CSR program. Many of these microbes are present in desi cow’s dung.

3. Do Visarjan at Home in a Planter – Try to immerse the Ganesha in a bucket or planter – the dissolved Ganesha stays with you and the pollution in lakes is minimized. This year, seedball Ganesha’s are very popular – which after immersion, in a few days sprouts into a plant – giving its blessings year round!

This unique seedball Ganesha is prepared by Desi Cow farmers without any artificial colors or materials by support of Desi Cows for Better India Trust. As per ancient knowledge, Desi Cow Dung is so holy and pure that it does not need ‘Pran Pratishtha’ by a priest – bringing prosperity to all! Buy and support the initiative.

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