Ghrita for Lamps, Light and Life

Deepawali is here – celebrating the darkest of the nights with light.
The Kartik Amavasya, is celebrated from past thousands of years by lighting millions of lamps. These lamps have traditionally been lit with desi cow’s ghee or Ghrita. Deepawali, like any other Indian festival is eco-friendly, if celebrated in the traditional ways. Of course, now electric and wax diyas have replaced Ghrita based diyas.
As we invoke the lamp with, ‘तमसो मा ज्‍योतिर्गमय।’ meaning the lamp should leads us from darkness towards light, we should reflect on the source of light – a petroleum based wax or a sattvik Gau’s ghee?
Among the alternatives of wax candles, oil lamp, ghee lamp, electric bulb – ghee lamp spreads maximum positive vibrations. You can compare the spiritual experiences obtained from meditating in front of four different media.
Ghee made of desi cow’s milk has anti-bacterial qualities as it finds tremendous application in Ayurveda – the science of life. This ghee has the ability to purify the air when it comes in contact with fire. This also helps in reducing pollution. Lighting diyas with ghee in your home will not just bring good fortune and prosperity but will also help the environment.

The colour of a ghee lamp is very different. It is a softer, warmer, more natural light. It is really lovely to use for trataka or light gazing. For centuries, Indian women have used carbon from ghee-lamps as a protective eyeliner – clearly that is not possible with any other combustible material.
Swami Dattavadhut in his book, ‘Secret Forces Behind Life’ suggests lighting a lamp of ghee made from cow milk, is capable of creating vibrations that are said to be in communion with the universal soul. Radiations from such a lamp also lead to a fluidity and smoothness of the cosmic energy through our homes, it is believed.
In this latest creation of Keshav Venkataraghavan, he wishes us #ShubhDeepawali with Lord Krishna and his favorite Desi Cow lit up as Diyas. She offers herself completely in the service of her Lord and He in return keeps her at His feet always. Could there be a better message for Deepawali?

May the Ghee lamp take us from darkness of our own thoughts and actions to light of selfless living and seva. #ShubhDeepawali

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