Decouple Cow from Religion – Its About Ecology & Survival

Water Scarcity, Food Security and Desertification are issues that will not ask people’s religions. Let us for once, keep aside the organised religions and just plainly give it a chance to hear out the Desi Cow and what its role is, in today’s context of survival. Desi cow is linked to every issue pertaining to climate change, once we understand that it is easy to see why cow must be de-coupled with religion in the first place. 1. Water Scarcity & Cow – It takes 15,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of beef. There is nothing – no food – that uses more water for production than beef. With India leading the world exports in bovine meat – let us rethink whether a water starved India can afford this influx of dollars.

Would our generations forgive this government to have finished our water systems in greed of a few million dollars? No body irrespective of religion is asking the Government this vital question. 2. Food Security & Cow – Beef is touted as poor man’s meat. Think again, keeping in mind the fact that a cow with its meat can feed 80 people but with its milk and food grown through its manure it can feed lakhs. Indian soil fertility has reduced by 50% in last 30 years. Desi cow based natural farming (green manure) is the only way to revive our soils and bring back our food security. When the soil fertility is at the lowest and crores of hungry mouths to feed, should “right to choice to eat” take precedence over “right to eat”?

3. Deforestation & Cow As per ISRO report (satellite study), area under desertification in India increased by 18,72,523 hectares from 2003-2013. Farmers are leaving agriculture due to soil degradation and are eyeing to make their land into layouts. Biggest reason for deforestation of Amazon forest is beef exports. India too, which is home to world’s largest cattle population – is over grazing its land and shrinking its rivers. Can India afford its land turning into desert in lust for more milk and beef dollars?

It is time that focus is shifted from cow as food or religion, to cow as a source of reviving our land.Killing in the name of cow or killing cow are both sinful and deserve condemnation. But the only thing that can change this madness is once people are made aware on the usefulness of the desi cow. Very few people are really talking about things that matter. Sadhguru is taking up the issue of our rivers and how to revive them. Padmashree Subhash Palekar Ji is leading a silent agricultural revolution with 1 desi cow for reviving 30 acres of land. Positive debate and awareness on these subjects are needed. Lynching and violence will end naturally when all the stake holders, will work towards the same goal – survival.

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