Ancestors, Bulls & Rains

Today 3rd – 4th July 2016 is Amavasya, or new moon day. Every new moon is an opportunity and powerful time to establish a connection with our ancestors. Ancestors have a profound impact on our lives. Not even Gods can do for you what your ancestors can do. In fact the Gods ask you to go through your ancestors (to get what you want). Ancient cultures knew that the ancestors have a powerful governing influence over our destiny. Hence the importance of “pitru daan”. Jains visit Gaushala every Amavasya to donate in the name of parents.

This Amavasya falls in the Jestha Month which signifies the onset of the monsoon. It is called Mannethithina Amavasya in Karnataka. “Mannu” means mud, “Yeththu” means bullocks – mud bullocks are made in honor of bulls, farmer’s best friend.

Bullock plays an important role and assists the farmer in preparing the land, just like a father helps his child grow. Hence, farmer treats bullocks as Gods and rever them. Rains can come and go but unless the land is fertile and ploughed, no crops grow. Opportunities in life, are like rain and for them to materialise blessings of parents is required.

Unfortunately, the population of desi bulls who provide seeds for good cattle in the future is dwindling. There are 39 breeds of indigenous cattle in the country. All need fathers to grow and multiply. Desi Cows for Better India Trust, invites cattle breeders across the country to come together collectively and form “LOCAL CATTLE BREEDERS ASSOCIATIONS” for the cattle you care for. Fill up the form by clicking here and work together for conservation of your local breed! All verified breeders can get connected via whatsapp groups

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